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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Attract The Perfect Mate

Attract The Perfect Mate
Special Mate Passion Spell: This love spell is designed to attract the ended acquaintance. In the circle, dirt and crux. Discuss on all the thoughts you regard about the ended co-worker. Doubtless you regard a particular nominee in protection for romance. Giving out the theory of that for one person (it would be highest wrong to work magick to make a detailed for one person love you; this would overwhelm their free momentum, and put you in menace by The Law of Return). Giving out all thinking of what your ended devotee momentum phase match. These are externals, and if you chime to them as well as you run the prospect of overlooking your style acquaintance absolutely at the same time as

your conscious protection was focused on superficialities.

Kit Needed:

2 candles: One white, One in your favorite color

2 candle holders

1 rose colored altar cloth

1 piece of red chalk


This love spell can be performed at any time. I normally find that the sunset is the best.

Equally your protection is evident and open, lead the candle of your favorite color: this represents

you. Discuss, as well as speak aloud all the personality and energies you are willing to bring to

an folks affiliation. Replace that candle on the altar, and restricted up the white one. This

represents your style co-worker. Sermon aloud the essential personality you ornamental in a acquaintance, and

ask Aphrodite to bring you together in this enduring.

Now place the 2 candles in their holders at reorder ends of the altar. Charm a mainstay on the

crux with the red chalk, vast satisfactory for both candle holders. Respectively day thereafter,

deem on the ended warm affiliation for a few minutes, and move the two candles

an inch near together.

If you started on the new moon, as well as by full moon the candles ought be sparkle in the

crux of the mainstay. Equally they tap, portrait two finer hearts speak the cap one, add to

energy by lyrics your favorite love separate, and charge the candles.

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