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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pope Francis Stumbles

Pope Francis Stumbles
Pope Francis stumbles: The Pope stumbled as he stepped down altar (Photos), A literal stumble made by Pope Francis is attracting a lot of attention on the Internet Friday.

The Pope stumbled as he stepped down from an altar after one of his shoes got tangled up in his long white robe, the Christian Post reported Friday.....examiner.

The Pope was walking down from an altar to greet cardinals when he almost fell. Pope Francis was quickly able to regain his footing and avoided what could have been an embarrassing and injuring fall.

But the Pope's stumble was highlighted by the extensive media that was literally covering every step the Pope made.The Pope already has developed a reputation for frugality and for being very humble.

Earlier this week, Pope Francis caught some by surprise when he paid his own hotel bill and carried his own luggage when he went back to the hotel where he was staying to check out. He also went out of his way to personally thank each staff person there.

Those who know Pope Francis say that was not an act for the media. When he was Cardinal Jorge Mario of Argentina he often took the bus to work. He was photographed kissing the feet of AIDS patients and praying with former prostitutes.

His style is very different from the now-retired Pope Benedict XVI.

Unlike Benedict, who delivered a formal Mass in Latin after being elected Pope, newly elected Pope Francis delivered an off-the-cuff homily in Italian.

Catholics are undoubtedly praying that the literal stumble that Pope Francis took this week will be symbolic of the very down-to-earth papacy that many expect from the new Pope.