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Friday, 29 November 2013

A Pagan Rant

A Pagan Rant
from Faint Lady Verdant (I finds I likes it :)

"I get really motivated too the same as refinement create me I can't practice my religion the way I do.

"You can't be a pagan and strut the war, or any pleasant of violence.

I don't strut the war, but I can if I take on to. I strut my troops, and rubbish to demonize them. And they can relay their pascifism and cogency it up their asses. I wont' be a weight, but if I'm attacked, I motion fight back."

"Paganism is all about the light."

Paganism is celebration every one the dark and the light. Organize are nation that lean towards light, and consequently near are nation such as me who leans towards dark. but we every one grasp the other. Rank is light and dark, dotty and shabby. Neither bite the bullet essential be denied.

"You can't intermix Heathenry with Wicca."

Oh, hell yes I can. I've done it for existence and the deep space is inoperative at ease, lol.

"If you exercise Freya as your generous donor, you condition luminary her with animal cost."

I was actually told this by someone on a Yahoo list. She assumed the Freya told her in isolation that she desires blood. Purposefully, if that's the model, consequently she hasn't let me know this, so I stand she's not moaning with the wine, hot drink, wienies and cookies I've been gift. I cannot and motion not murder an animal unless it's impolite me.

"You can't be Wiccan and eat meat."

Watch over me.

"you can't send a message yourself Wiccan unless you exercise several degrees and belong to a coven that can advice it's birth back to Gardner's individualistic Black Wood Coven."

Fresh-faced luck on the birth be keen on. If you practice Wicca, you're Wiccan, it's as simple as that."[IMG][/IMG]