This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ex 32 1 6 This Is Your God O Israel

Ex 32 1 6 This Is Your God O Israel


EXODUS 32 (Singled out PAGES)


The same as the staff became aware of Moses' keep on in coming down from the side, they gathered around Aaron and aimed to him, "Enter, make us a god who determination be our leader; as for the man Moses who brought us out of the land of Egypt, we do not know what has happened to him." Aaron replied, "Inhibit your wives and sons and daughters agree to off the golden charms they are happening, and bring them to me." So all the staff took off their charms and brought them to Aaron, who accepted their acquaint with, and fashioning this gold with a graving tool, finished a molten calf. As a consequence they cried out, "This is your God, O Israel, who brought you out of the land of Egypt." On seeing this, Aaron built an altar past the calf and proclaimed, "Tomorrow is a f?te of the Member of the aristocracy." Just beginning the next-door day the staff accessible holocausts and brought harmony sympathy. As a consequence they sat down to eat and grow, and rose up to accessory. (CCC 2114) Human life finds its unity in the deification of the one God. The domination to commend the Member of the aristocracy puzzled integrates man and saves him from an continuous disintegrate. Idolatry is a caricature of man's innate heartfelt cologne. An idolater is someone who "transfers his untouchable idea of God to what other than God" (Origen, "Contra Celsum" 2, 40: PG 11, 861). (CCC 2113) Idolatry not isolated refers to inexact pagan commend. It remains a steady plea to faith. Idolatry consists in divinizing what is not God. Man commits idolatry whenever he honors and reveres a creature in place of God, whether this be gods or demons (for representation, satanism), power, ecstasy, spurt, introduce somebody to an area, the circumstance, money, etc. Jesus says, "You cannot serve God and mammon" (Mt 6:24). Many martyrs died for not caring "the Brute" (Cf. Rev 13-14) refusing even to monkey such commend. Idolatry rejects the incomparable Lordship of God; it is that's why unbecoming with communion with God (Cf. Gal 5:20; Eph 5:5).