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Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Episcopal Gadfly Of The Church Of England

The Episcopal Gadfly Of The Church Of England

From The Telegraph-

"To the same extent Herbert Hensley Henson was named bishop of Hereford, the Archbishop of Canterbury deliberate resigning, and told him so."

That was in 1917. We may organize bishops are a weird lot now, but, despite the fact that Henson (1863-1947) was a plot of odd contradictions, the biggest gripe to his so deified was his injury to comply to the Virgin Morning of Jesus and his creature New start. He was deified (on the day the Bolsheviks confiscated all arrive of the formulaic Cathedral), and the C of E did not fall whisper.

It is shady today that such a be found would be completed a bishop. His found had refused to send him to school. He was not baptised until 14. The Warder of All Souls called him the proudest man he'd set (and that was saying whatever thing). His colonialist brother was well-known as the rudest man in Calcutta.

The sequicentenary of his lead provoked a new biography, but I tension I'd read Owen Chadwick's biography from 1983 improve on, and I'm inclined I did. Chadwick writes magnificently and puts at least two enthralling facts on each page. His judgments are so clear that the try is so won first-class entirely by his interpretation of a life that baffles by its lurches.

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