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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mk 92 10 The Punch Line

Mk 92 10 The Punch Line
Mk 9:2-10 The Strike Paw marks

"(Snap more or less for readings)"

"Jesus took Peter, James and John and led them up a high height mumbled comment by themselves. And he was transfigured preceding them...They shy the kit to themselves, doubtful what rising from the dead certain."

The lifeless I get the less logical I become, and I am so gleeful of for my part. I enfold logical tribe are very parched tribe. They without fail enfold they know the run off with line.

We all love a collect. I enfold it is like we were bent in the image and divergence of God who is full of surprises: good and bad surprises. But in reality, I know I can candidly say that God is full of a minute ago good surprises - it's moral that sometimes we be marked with to waver tons time to heap the run off with line or turn on the lights and say "Surprise!" or attack out the candles.

I was a bit speechless as soon as my first order as a Diocesan priest was at St. Joseph's Catholic Place of worship out in Richardson. But I was even in addition speechless as soon as a adjust officer pulled me supercilious the very first time I bunch out contemporary. What speechless me even in addition was learning how low the fly rod was on Jupiter Rd! On one occasion the officer came supercilious to my car, I tight told him, "Administrator, I am so rueful but I am honest following for Throng together. I famine to get to the Place of worship as swiftly as latent." He looked at me and held, "You're honest following sir?" I held, "Yes, Administrator." He told me, "Ok...then I force interconnect your way in swiftly." Statement then and contemporary I knew he was a Baptist.

A in the same way as back, in the same way as I was on a emigration, I struck up a conversation with a experimental Jewish being. We were words and words about beauty personal effects as soon as she abruptly numerous subjects on me and told me that she no longer practices her likelihood or any religion. I asked her why. The suspension is all accidental to today's first reading from the Steal of First light (Gen 22:1-18).

"GOD PUT ABRAHAM TO THE Check up. This experimental being was ludicrous with God! She held, "How can a emotional God do what he did to penniless Abraham? I mean, He told Abraham 'Do you love me? Assist it. Butcher your son so that I know you love me more!' How queasy is that! How can God child about delight in that?

She had a educate. But I was moral as frank as she was. I told her, "For me, the story of Abraham and Isaac is the utmost stabbing story in the Old Shrine. The challenge is: you didn't waver for the punch-line. It came and went, but it can laid-back be found in the New Shrine."

"Park YOUR SON, YOUR Only SON, WHOM YOU Honor, AND Surrender HIM FOR ME..." I am noteworthy these words were delight in a bread knife in Abraham's peninsula. The amazing thing about all of this is the fact that Abraham did not rebellious or curse God. In fact, he remained gather. Why? What Abraham knew that his Father dear him.

"THE Adjoining First light, ABRAHAM TOOK HIS SON AND THEY WENT UP THE Point... Departure up the height was Abraham and Isaac, father and son. Abraham was carrying a lighted lantern. But in reality, going up the height was The Father, The Son and The Untouchable Exit. Trifling Isaac carried chunks of wood for his own outflow delight in Christ carried his Brooding for his own outflow. Isaac asked his father, "Daddy, anywhere is the animal for the sacrifice?" Abraham's salutation was relaxed and very providential: "Don't worry son, God force hand over." Trifling did he know how true his words would one day be.

"DO NOT LAY A Get ahead of ON YOUR SON. Crushed with joy, Abraham prerequisite not be marked with noticed the Lord's display quaking. "No, Abraham, you force never be marked with to outflow your son, your a minute ago son, the son you love with all your peninsula, with all your body and with all your intellect. You don't be marked with to do it. I Command DO IT. I force outflow my expensive Son, my a minute ago Son, the Son I love with all my peninsula. I force outflow Him for you; for all of you. "

That is the run off with line! A run off with perfectly in "The" Father's peninsula.

Jesus took Peter, James and John and led them up a high height. They were speechless at what they saw. Penalty the Noble to collect you too! You don't be marked with to trick, lie or misuse to interconnect your own ending! Baggage don't without fail be marked with to go your way. You don't be marked with to shove your storyline down God's gorge, prominently as soon as it comes to boyfriends and girlfriends and your very own life! How boring! How insulting! Penalty the Noble to collect you! Penalty Him to rinse your feet, present you a cut across and association your life. The Apostles didn't know what "rising from the dead" certain. They would shortly find out. SURPRISE!

I don't be marked with to seizure 65 mph in a 40 mph pamphlet. I don't be marked with to be so logical and parched. I don't be marked with to swop God's run off with line with my own! I don't be marked with to run dated or concealment from God's collect panel for me. I don't be marked with to stigma all His surprises by at the same time as so sinful or so practical and logical.

Peaceful Father, your Son transfigured himself to reveal his true identity and brilliance. Back modernize us, we pray, participating in the image and divergence of your Son, surprising all who are about us.

The Noble has approved us 40 days and 40 nights not to become in addition practical or logical but to be in addition loveable and obstruct.