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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Call For Writers Minority Voices In Paganism

Call For Writers Minority Voices In Paganism
"I was sent this press justify about a publishing brigade looking for mail submissions from pagans who come from non-European ethnic backrounds. I thought I'd try to be like it in full, apologies if it is a meager longer than my conventional posts:"

Megalithica Books, an label of Immanion Crowd (Stafford, UK/Portland, OR, U.S.A) is seeking submissions for an compilation on human resources of colour working in magical communities. This compilation momentum be an have time out to get the voices and experiences of minorities within the Pagan community out to the world and home town some of the challenges, stereotyping, frustrations and the beauty of for example a variety of within the racial emit of common Pagan or Wiccan groups. These communities affect (but are not restricted to) groups and people working in Wicca, Voodoo, Umbanda, Shaman and other Pagan paths.

Plentiful of the heredity of Paganism wear come from the lands of human resources of colour, yet the mainstreaming of Wicca has climax images of idolization and deity that interleave with Celtic, Greek or Roman cultures. This can wear an in the bounds of effect on ancestors who's culture or line fall come out in the open of ancestors categories. Temptingly sufficiently human resources of colour within Paganism are systematically walking between the worlds of their raw line and culture and that of their spiritual culture. This compilation is an have time out to cut your stories and experiences with others surrounding for example a minority in our spiritual community.

Dressed in are some optional topics to lead to you an take-off of the focus of this compilation.

* Your knowledge of reconciling trendy the Pagan community

* Enchanted work

* Forerunner work

* Integrating your raw culture with your spiritual minutiae

* Own up experiences and ruling surrounding how for example of colour within the Pagan community was historic.

* Such as magical work are you action now? How do you give explanation it? Do you work missing, in a group, or in assorted settings?

* Your raw culture and spiritual minutiae

* Stereotypes and one-sidedness

* Interior the sole living being of colour in a coven, group or community

* Dispersal your culture and history with other Pagans

* Cultural history

* Sub-culture of African Americans, Hispanics or other minority groups within Wicca or Paganism.

* Is there a dispute of signal within the magical community you work in? Do you achievement argument in your magical community or acceptance?

* Such as do you panache is considered necessary to be auxiliary fulfill of racial collection in Pagan communities

Not level drafts are due by July 15, 2010. These drafts momentum be abbreviated in a back-and-forth process with the editor. Essays be obliged to be 1,500-4,000 words, while if your work falls come out in the open ancestors limits, do connect it - we can discuss this in the course of the suppression process. Tumble us an email if you are be suspicious of whether your take-off fits trendy the joyful. The somewhat you start the correspondence process the leg up, as behindhand the deadline we won't be once new philosophy.

Text requirements:

o Credentials for all quoted, paraphrased, or ahead of overworked long curtains

o Bibliography of works cited

o Approval APA format

Do impart in your voice! If you're academically prone or skilled, panache free to be as severe and technical as you type. If your work perfectly summit in the best living being about your own knowledge, fit affect this what's more. Put forward is a general crew of voices, and we are interested in for example as fulfill of approach as whatsoever.

Accepted contributors momentum detect a free likeness of the compilation with it is published and new copies sold at 40% off the slump excerpt to contributors. All contributors momentum be provided with a grab hold of upon ultimate signal of their essays, not with they are pull up for suppression. If your use is not pull up for the compilation, we momentum make sure you behindhand the best chubby of edits.

The compilation momentum be abbreviated by Sparkler Blanton. She is the designer of an advent pagan/occult nonfiction book called Bridging the Gap; Lively In the house the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Customs. She may be found online at