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Saturday, 26 March 2011

History Channel Clash Of The Gods Episode 5 Medusa

History Channel Clash Of The Gods Episode 5 Medusa
Medusa was once a faraway priestess of Athena until her vow of chastity was irregular by Poseidon raping her. Refusing to fasten Poseidon, Athena turns her fury on Medusa. She was transformed all the rage a Gorgon; She Was a Shocking so evil, it would turn any occupant who saw her gaze at all the rage stone. But she eventually meets her end at the hands of Perseus.

Exchange of the Gods is a one-hour periodical mythology keep an eye on series that premiered on Elegant 3, 2009 on the Make a note channel. The place covers tons of the ancient Greek and Norse Gods, monsters and heroes together with Hades, Hercules, Medusa, Minotaur, Odysseus and Zeus.

The Medusa was an monster creature. Let's trouble a thoroughgoing at how she came

all the rage attendance, for she wasn't eternally that monster... Once again, the Gods played their act.

The Medusa was the outcome of Phorkys and Keto, the children ofGaea (Country) and Oceanus(Ocean floor). She was one of the three sisters established as the Gorgons. The other two sisters were Sthenno and Euryale. Medusa was the simply airport out of the three.

She was initial a fair-haired and very faraway maiden, who, as a priestess of Athena, was block to a life of celibacy; but, innate wooed by Poseidon, whom she loved in return, she forgot her vows, and became joined to him in marriage. For this offence she was punished by the goddess in a record awful found. Both grooved lock of the faraway hair which had so charmed her husband, was unusual all the rage a injurious snake; her once benevolent, love-inspiring eyes now became blood-shot, blazing orbs, which fired up supervision and repulsion in the rationalize of the beholder; despite the fact that her primary roseate hue and milk-white peelings alleged a appalling greenish intimation.

Seeing herself correspondingly transformed all the rage so horrendous an piece of writing, Medusa fled from her home, never to return. Roaming about, abhorred, dreaded, and shunned by all the world, she now full-grown all the rage a skin tone, nice of her ostensible demonstration. In her darkness she fled to Africa, everyplace, as she agreed impatiently from place to place, son snakes dropped from her hair, and correspondingly, according to the belief of the ancients, that testify became the hotbed of these injurious reptiles. Counting the curse of Athene upon her, she turned all the rage stone whomsoever she gazed upon, uncultivated at connect, after a life of indistinctive cheerlessness, mode came to her in the slap lightly of death, at the hands of Perseus.

The three Gorgon sisters-Medusa, Stheno, andEuryale-were all children of the ancient seafaring deities Phorcys (or "Phorkys") and his sister Ceto(or "Keto"), chthonic monsters from an archaicworld. Their genealogy is intersection with other sisters, the Graeae, as in Aeschylus's Prometheus Be surprised, which places also trinities of sisters far off "on Kisthene's dreadful bare":

Virtually them their sisters three, the Gorgons, winged

Counting snakes for hair- hated of airport man-

For example ancient Greek vase-painters and give support to carvers imagined Medusa and her sisters as beings innate of monstrous form, sculptors and vase-painters of the fifth century began to look into her as innate faraway as well as scary. In an ode in print in 490 BC Pindar in advance speaks of "fair-cheeked Medusa".

In a late statement of the Medusa myth, coexistent by the Roman poet Ovid (Metamorphoses 4.770), Medusa was initial a ravishingly faraway maiden, "the green with envy aspiration of tons suitors," but such as she was mystified innate loved by the "Lady of the Sea" Poseidon in Athena's temple, the fuming Athena transformed Medusa's faraway hair to serpents and through her frontage so awful to consider that the pond eyesight of it would turn onlookers to stone. In Ovid's revealing, Perseus describes Medusa's reparation by Minerva (Athena) as utterly and well earned.

Adjustment of the decree of Seleucus I Nicatorof Syria, (312-280 BC.)


In record versions of the story, she was beheaded by the god Perseus, who was sent to take away her chief by Sovereign Polydectes of Seriphus. In his capture, he normal a mirrored safeguard from Athena, gold, winged flip-flops from Hermes, a sword from Hephaestusand Hades's turn of invisibility. Medusa was the simply one of the three Gorgons who was airport, so Perseus was reliable to send out her such as looking at the consideration from the mirrored safeguard he normal from Athena. Dressed in that time, Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon. In the same way as Perseus beheaded her, Pegasus, a winged horse, and Chrysaor, a golden sword-wielding great, sprang from her body.

Jane Ellen Harrison argues that "her vigor simply begins such as her chief is disconnected, and that vigor resides in the head; she is in a word a bury with a body considering appended... the origin of the Gorgoneion is a cultus piece of writing, a ritual bury misunderstood."

In the Odyssey xi, Homer does not in particular suggestion the Gorgon Medusa:

Lest for my daring Persephone the be frightened of,

From Hades want send up an obvious monster's ghastly chief.

The Medusa's chief critical to a hodgepodge layer in a tepidarium of the Roman era. Museum of Sousse, Tunisia

Harrison's variety states "the Gorgon was through out of the horror, not the horror out of the Gorgon."

According to Ovid, in northwest Africa, Perseus flew exterior the Titan Diagram, who stood holding the sky aloft, and transformed him all the rage stone such as he tried to crackdown him. In a within walking distance found, the corals of the Red Sea were aimed to trouble been formed of Medusa's blood spilled onto seaweed such as Perseus laid down the shocking chief alongside the seashore in his transitory delay in Ethiopia everyplace he saved and wed his deliberate partner, the attractive princess Andromeda. What's more the poisonous vipers of the Sahara, in the Argonautica 4.1515, Ovid'sMetamorphoses 4.770 and Lucan's Pharsalia 9.820, were aimed to trouble mature from spilt drops of her blood. The blood of Medusa what's more spawned the Amphisbaena (a horned dragon-like creature with a snake-headed shoot).

Perseus moreover flew to Seriphos, everyplace his mother was about to be uncontrolled all the rage marriage with the king. Sovereign Polydectes was turned all the rage stone by the gaze at of Medusa's chief. Also Perseus gave the Gorgon's chief to Athena, who located it on her safeguard, the Aegis.

Confident archetype references transfer to three Gorgons; Harrison considered that the tripling of Medusa all the rage a trio of sisters was a junior dot in the myth:

The triple form is not rudimentary, it is elegantly an litigation of a general courage... which makes of each man goddess a trinity, which has precise us the Horae, the Charites, the Semnai, and a mass of other triple groups. It is tight receive that the Gorgons are not really three but one + two. The two unslain sisters are pond appendages due to custom; the real Gorgon is Medusa.

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