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Friday, 31 December 2010

Magic Magical Herbalism

Magic Magical Herbalism
I'm back! I balance inspired assembly and lost my internet for enhanced a week, but I'm all absorbed up now and even hold back a new review for everyone. The two books shrouded in this review chutzpah greatest probable be the only Llewellyn books ever reviewed on this blog:

"Wonderful HERBALISM: THE Secret Artfulness OF THE Sensitive" by Scott Cunningham

LLEWLLYN'S Informative MAGICK Movement

Llewellyn Publications, 1982

241 pages, few b/w illustrations, appendixes, schedule and bibliography

Scott Cunningham's leading work on herbalism, which was leading published in 1982 with a reprint in 1993, is a definitive instruction booklet to incorporating herbalism and the use of incense and oils voguish your magical practice. A the series christen says, this is a very practical work full of method, correspondences, spells, charms, practices and superfluous. Cunningham covers the tools of the herbalist; why witches have to learn knowledge of herbalism; how to pull together, dry, store, and unplanted your own herbs; herbal uses for protection, foresight, healing and love; elemental correspondences and amorphous condensers; the magical uses of oils and perfumes; how to make your own incense and use it for magical purposes; a set of traditional herbal charms and amulets; creating a magical herb garden; as well as the baneful herbs and the use of flying ointments - not shrouded in his moment work on herbalism. Wonderful Herbalism excessively contains an alphabetical list of magical herbs with their correspondences and magical properties. This list is the endorse to Cunningham's moment work, "CUNNINGHAM'S Directory OF Wonderful HERBS". Whole, "Wonderful HERBALISM" is my favourite Scott Cunningham book (I Barely Darling HIS HERBAL BOOKS) as he is a definitive acceptably for all stuff herbal - he excessively really did his research for each one books and the bibliographies are wonderful. This books is classic Llewellyn and demonstrates how good their new published reserves were. As a traditional witch, my favourite part of "Wonderful HERBALISM" is the period on baneful herbs and flying ointments - not no matter which you see in numerous "PAGAN" herbalism books today. He does agent preferably thoughtful warnings about the herbs, greatest of them entheogens, and does not support how to work with them in your practice, but show are some very sensational bits of folklore and uses by witches of history. The knowledge and method obtainable in "Wonderful HERBALISM" far dominate what is obtainable in "CUNNINGHAM'S Directory OF Wonderful HERBS". For any witch or pagan questioning in herbalism, this is the carry out introductory book, legendary next in step up with a regulate guide that has photographs of the plants. For a Wiccan or Neo-Pagan it is a mantelpiece essential.

"CUNNINGHAM'S ENCLOPEDIA OF Wonderful HERBS" by Scott Cunningham


Llewellyn Publications, 1986

318 pages, b/w illustrations and woodcuts

Phrase book, schedule, appendixes, and bibliography

This well specific work is Paganism's definitive encyclopedia of magical herbalism. Cunningham's correspondences are not only recycled by hundreds of witches and Pagans world open, but hold back excessively been continually passed nearly on the internet. If you see a herbal epistle, the acceptably is greatest probable Cunningham. This work contains some information on working with herbs and using them in spells, but the knowledge obtainable is terse and affable, period in Wonderful Herbalism it takes up the unanimous book with the list of herbs as an postscript. Cunningham's encyclopedia is logically firm on the magical herbs, their correspondences, significant deities, and use in spell work and folk magic. This book is not a practical guide to herbal magic, but is significantly a list of herbs to work with, or to be recycled for passage. The two books matching together make tremendous passage companions - one for learning the practices of herbalism, and the other for learning the herbs. If you're looking for a quick, simple, and well researched passage guide, Cunningham's Directory of Wonderful Herbs is razor-sharp that.

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