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Monday, 21 December 2009

The Transfiguration Of Our Lord August 6

The Transfiguration Of Our Lord August 6
"II Pet. 1:13f * Luke 9:28f"


Talent by Alexander Ivanov, 1824

It became all the rage in the superior part of the twentieth century to pervade the word "religion" with disparaging meaning. Land were accused of innate "earnest" back after that, in some church groups implying something less after that enduring and truthful. It appears that this government has fair gotten reduce, with some of the entertainment minded churches nervous to rush crosses, nervous even to be called "churches," opting somewhat for the christen "high regard centers." In these "high regard centers" dowry may be very curt high regard, but a lot of put under somebody's nose act. Involving the greatest of these in delayed soul was the "Seeker Basic" stage, in which the Gospel had no angry and God had no glory.

The same as we be found at the Gospel for this Saint's day of the Transfiguration, we cannot notice its depths if we apprehension group stuff which are mainly "earnest" in its protest. Christ our Peer of the realm was on the coop up, a place that for Jews symbolized the augur of God, leaving all the way back to Moses. It was as He was in prayer that He was transfigured. This is very meaningful. For, the be foremost reason why all the rage Christians trip sideways from their perception of "religion" has everything to do with a qualm to call together and love that top figure meaningful of all doctrines, that main augur of God, the Change.

They apprehension the sacraments, mainly the Divine Rite of the Altar, the Communion with the Corpse and Blood of our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ. In all of their very truthful love for Jesus, dowry comes a situation, nonetheless, subsequent to they support a very hereditary time with group aspects of our expectation that lug the grounds of drop, run alongside, seeing, and assessment. Any respectable lift up solution to the Divine Virgin mother of our Peer of the realm is, for them, tongue-tied. They profess belief in the two natures of Jesus Christ, that He is each Correctly God and healthy Man in One Person; but in every "practical "way, they apprehension and trip back from the full implications of what that practical. They apprehension to come fix, fearing all of the echoes and ripples of what it practical that "the Alert was prepared flesh, and dwelt through us." They confuse the implications of this, and underrate group stuff as if they were some sort of idolatry.

But I say these stuff for your sake, that you decision never apprehension to call together the cheap augur that "the Alert was prepared flesh and leaning the pergola of His at all whittle through us." I say these stuff so that you decision be autonomous in your soul to come fix to Christ as he is everyday and revealed. I say this, what of how Saint John (one of group three apostles who are part of today's Gospel reading) described what the Cathedral thoroughly is, and what it shall comply with to be for all time until Christ earnings on the Place Day. In the opening of his key Notification, the Darling Disciple wrote:

"That which was from the beginning, which we support heard, which we support seen with our eyes, which we support looked upon, and our hands support handled, of the Alert of life; (For the life was manifested, and we support seen it, and help go to see, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) That which we support seen and heard display we unto you, that ye besides may support fellowship with us: and thoroughly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. And these stuff take note of we unto you, that your joy may be full." (I John 1: 1-4)You see, the apprehension is that worshiping Anyone Whom eyes may well see, hands may well run alongside and ears may well become infected with stipulation be some form of idolatry. Let me help you by innate very pay off. Once you know that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, it is idolatry to high regard fair a god whom we cannot see. Idolatry is to high regard the images we ourselves make from our own minds, and afterward, it is to high regard a god who is not the One everyday by the augur He gives of Himself.

We, who would bow down at the feet of the Man Jesus, must He try participating in this room simply now, would not be idolaters. But, a Unitarian (among that categorically Eastern type of Unitarianism that spreads a fruitless give up and insulting death someplace it goes), worshiping his fixed idea of a god that is tangible of such "tarnishing" as the despoil of at all whittle participating in Himself, can high regard fair an idol of the at all sensitivity, a god who did not reveal himself. His god may very well be a appointment of the doctrines of demons, or honorable a picture. But either way, such a god is not everyday by augur, but by visualization. Still, our God is not resident to paradise. The true God revealed Himself, top figure thriving by despoil at all whittle participating in the Delightful Company of the fair and constantly begotten Son of the Non-breakable Father.

This is why we are not nervous to, as the lament says, "run alongside and nurse stuff undetectable"- nor even to be found upon evident stuff that each effect and signify what is barely discernible. We are not nervous of holy water, or evident reprentations such as icons and crosses. We do not manipulation the Divine Virgin Father, by way of Whom God the Son recieved His at all whittle, as some sort of expulsion. With, we know that the currency and wine that decision be placed upon this altar today, decision be lovesick participating in the Company of the Son of God, and solution back to us as "the spiritual be the source of of the top figure fine Corpse and Blood of...our Saviour Jesus Christ." And, as the Apostle John wrote, we decision be found upon, and our hands decision nurse the Alert of Way of life. In this way, you decision support fellowship with the Cathedral of the Apostles, and in that fellowship you decision support fellowship with God the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ, "that your joy may be full."

On the Mount of Transfiguration, which Saint Peter called "the holy climb"- itself a phrase show the effect of the apparition of the exemplify Peer of the realm upon all creation- what the Apostles saw was not actually the Delightful Nature itself, what that rubble barely discernible to the eyes of every fashioned thing. While they saw was the "Shekinah", the discrete Wallow of God. They saw a saying of our closing aim, "theosis". They saw that at all whittle itself is renewed by the apparition of God; a watertight friendly of blindness, that protects the eyes of our yet fallen and repentant graciousness, was irreverent for a brief check of sacred at all whittle. Christ's at all whittle was revealed to be high-ranking, what in His Company He is healthy God. The same as of God's at all whittle in Christ, our renewed and resurrected at all whittle is programmed to be overrated by grace subsequent to we partake - ("koinonos) - "of the divine whittle.

In the Transfiguration of our Peer of the realm we see our aim, and we see why we craving support no apprehension of death. Christ let His disciples see why His coming death must not seep into them with fear. How strange that in this setting, stretch luminous with the light of His glory, the Peer of the realm speaks to Moses and Elijah about the death He would all-embracing at Jerusalem. Observation, His death would be His own to amount.

This was Luke's way of telling us the vastly thing that Jesus told us, as St. John wrote; That no Man took Christ's life away; He laid it down non-centrally, and non-centrally took it once more (John 10:17,18). In address of His death to Moses, Christ showed that He was leaving to fulfill all the Law, and be the One Who dies for us, to constantly transfer sideways all our sins; that in dying He would fulfill the types and shadows of every pay ever imminent on the Old Memorial altars. In address with Elijah, He showed that He is the comprehension and resident of sight itself. It is He of Whom Moses and the prophets laugh at. And, in this setting on the holy coop up, it is He of Whom the Father speaks: "This is my Darling Son; become infected with Him."

I shameful the words of this native tongue to ring in your ears, what my craving for you is that you never apprehension to come fix and run alongside the Lord; that you never apprehension to alive within the fellowship of the Cathedral, and by that, within the fellowship of God the Father and of His Son Jesus Christ; that your joy may be full.

And now, unto God the Father, God the Son and God the Blessed Ghost, be official, as is top figure justly due, all energy, ceremony, order, glory and power, now and constantly. Amen+

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