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Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas Spirit Award

Christmas Spirit Award
i keep been so jammed up in this position week that i might simply procure a few moments in blogland each day :) but i am so revered that i might before I go nominate and calm down no matter which on the christmas spirit stage i received from the sweetest lord and my friend, melissa at sunbonnet villa. and it makes it all the in excess of critical as today is christmas :)) thank you taking into consideration once again for place of me this christmas melissa :)

i now keep to say 5 matter about why i love christmas :)

1. the spirit of friendship

we do not glorify christmas in my pedigree but each blind date my husband and i go to a friend's place for christmas banquet... on wish christmas eve banquet. this is an occassion we look sideways forward to each blind date. on one occasion the banquet we would unemotional sit in the region of absorbing the nutrients... lol! actually we sit in the region of and question up, live in the kindness, the friendship and put it on with angel cards. this blind date we did rumi card readings :)

2. the construct

chris is a serious cook! every blind date we get to eat his sumptous roast collapse with slabs of lay out and fab fruit stuffings :) we pot luck as well :) acquaint with was roast get out of chinese herb cleverness (from jason and i), roast veal meatloaf with stuffings (graciousness of nell and bf), hokkien fat noodles (graciousness of yen and gf). chris as well managed to cook some mushrooms this blind date. we by way of off this year's dissolute buffet with brunette brownies and icecream! YUMMY! all in all we ample ourselves ridiculous... i can up till now feel the construct in my tummy now :)

3. the shopping for gifts madness

in the past, this was one of the utmost exciting time for shopping for gifts. so numerous charming matter to need from. it's as well the best time to buy ornaments for excuse making :) well... this blind date i didn't keep to buy presents... so it brings us to

4. the gift making keep on

this blind date i complete all my gifts :) it was a fundamentally sustaining keep on for me :) and i'm really grateful for the gift to type :)

5. the memories

each blind date we go home with generous and hazy memories of the banquet, the friendship, the moments, the kindness and the love we all limit. and this blind date it was all the in excess of chief... my in the beginning christmas with all my blogging friends :) you cannot know how grateful i am for all of you, your friendship and all your dear words :)) i keep seen nothing but dignify and fostering appearing in... thank you all... thank you for woman my friend and welcoming me with the sweetest memories :)))

and now i keep to augmentation this stage :) to but the christmas spirit rockin and rollin!

1. jen at technicolor villa

2. gayle at this artist's supervise

3. earth jewelry

4. sharon at mana moon studios

5. zom at lift me to see if you're dreaming

6. trudi at deco detective

7. sf at douse footprints

8. carolyn at harbor hon

all you keep to do is desecrate the spirit on and lace us 5 matter about why you love christmas :)))

no slit... you keep 12 days to do it :)

keep a blessed christmas and a smashing 2009!