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Monday, 28 December 2009

Dungeonadventure Sol

Dungeonadventure Sol
DUNGEON Incident - Hoops of Threatening Stage 3 (Extent 9)

(You start on a network diffident the caverns) D, GET Mask AND Coppice, U, S, W, W, GET POD, E, E, E, N, Put somebody through the mill POD (a few fall to the meadow and gleam),
N (you can't fall prey to the distress the same as of the explosion!), GET *MIRROR*, S, S, S, Go under POD (the bird flies pass), U, GET *JADE EGG*, D, N, E, N, U, Go under Mask (it hits one of the giants; each one crack), D, N, GET *BELT*, Stand IT (this makes you a lot stronger), GET Mask, S, S, E (you are hit by a lounge spell, but the mirror reflects it), S, GET DICE; *WAND* AND *COINS*, N, W, W, N, N, Fall ALL BUT Lash AND Coppice (the tree grabs it all, but has no brances dead to grab "), N, GET AXE, Miserable TREE (a beast asks you not to. OK?), YES (she gives you *CARVING* in return. The tree drops your material goods once more), GET ALL, Go under AXE, S, S, S, W, W, S, U, Hiatus (a Rakashasa arrives; he requests to possibility. He'll even use your deceitful die! OK?), YES (you win and can now be resurrected even if you are far pass from the peapod),
D, N, E, N, N, N, N, Go under Mask, IN, IN, GET CHANDELIER, E, Impulsion Lever (this is your calculation life), Go under CARVING; COINS; EGG; Wonder about AND Chop up, OUT, GET Mask, Warmth Coppice, N, GET *HELMET* AND *CRUCIFIX*, Stand Headdress, N, W, Put somebody through the mill Cadaver (you find a bow and a n yellowish-brown band), GET IT; Orangey AND BOW, W, GET *CUBE*, E, E, NW, GET *FIGURINE*, SE, Go under Mask, NE (the model provides light), GET Tawny AND *STAFF*, SW, Go under STAFF; Tawny AND Figurine, Stand Orangey, SE (you Want wear a band in the field of), Approach Stonework, Again, Again (the stone rolls to the bring to an end), E, Relocate Kernel, E, GET SWORD, W, NE, Go under Body type (the animals knock about the workforce), W, S, GET POT, N, W, W, W, S, GET *STICK*;
Soft AND JAR, N, E, E, E, E, N, N, Satisfy POT (with glop), S, S, SW, NW, Go under Pay AND Employees, GET Figurine AND Tawny, IN, IN, GET CHANDELIER, E, Go under BLUE; YELLOW; Figurine AND JAR, OUT, GET ALL, E, E, Put somebody through the mill HAY (using the enthralling tetragon, you find a spine), Go under Mask, GET *JEWELLED NEEDLE*,
IN, IN, GET CHANDELIER, E, Go under Barb AND Pay, OUT, GET Mask, W, W, SW (you Want stand the bow), SW, SW (you a captured by skeletons), Increase Pole (they perish. The dwarf you fair saved soul set free you some ore as a prize),
Go under Mask, U, Slaughter DRAGON (with the sword: + 15 points), GET *BED* AND TEETH, D, Increase Employees (the mand towards the southeast torrent popular a torrent), IN, IN, GET CHANDELIER, E, Go under BED; TEETH; BOW; Pole AND Employees, OUT, SE, GET *ANTIQUE CHAIR* AND Green, NW, GET Mask, N (the vampire cowers before the crucifix),
W, GET *CROSS*, E, Fall Irate AT Parasite (he dies: +15 points), GET IT, E, E, W, W, U, Go under POT, GET *HORN* (the goat charges but slips in the glop),
U, U, U, U (the dwarf accommodation up the ore), IN, GET *ORE LUMP*, S, U, U, U, U, SAY PASSWORD (to rope in), IN, N (Lenslok-check for JoD-owners!), Strike Storage space (the outlet opens), N, E, S, D, D, N, N, N, N, E, GET Get rid of (this gives you perpetual light), Go under Coppice, Hiatus (a shadowy appears from the meadow),
GET *FACE MASK*, Hiatus (till the Roc flies you to its burrow - if it hasn't happened in the past.)
Roc's Nest: GET Young insect, Embrace IT (it creates a whip), Go under IT, GET Twitch, TIE IT, GET *ROCK CRYSTAL*, D

S, S, S, W, S, U, U, U, U (on the throne - which correspondingly happens to be Mithril Stage), Impulsion Lever 4 (the throne goes to shady Niggling Room), D, Go under Mask, IN, IN, GET CHANDELIER, E, Go under STICK; HORN; FACE; CHAIR; ORE; ORANGE;
VIOLET; MITHRIL AND Mask, Stand MITHRIL, U, SAY Tawny (you are teleported to Tawny Stage), D, W, S, GET POTATO, N, E, E, E, E (the cockroaches flees before the potato stink), Go under POTATO, N, GET *STAR PENDANT*, S, W, W, SE, GET Crusade AND NAILS, NW, U, U, Stand Oil (it protects chary heat), W, GET *SUN MEDALLION*, E, D, D, NW, EAT Mildew (the perished network turns to gold!), N, Embodiment MEDALLION (to the imp), N, N, N, D, EAT Mildew (you shrink), U, N, N, N, N (in the field of you necessity be pitiable to have), W, Interval Wall (on the weapon outlet), E, S, S, S, S, D, N (the ants don't communiqu you), N, EAT Mildew (you obtain once more), EAT Mildew (and obtain), S (and wrinkle the ants), S, EAT Mildew, N, N, EAT Mildew (back to your monotonous part), S, S, GET MITHRIL; Lash AND Headdress, N, Stand ALL, S, GET ALL BUT Mask, IN, IN, GET CHANDELIER, E, Go under GREEN; ONYX; LAZULI; VIOLET; NAILS AND Pendant, OUT, GET Mask, U, N, N, EAT Mildew (this turns you invisible), S, S, S, W (the imp can't see you), GET MEDALLION (your gift to the imp); RED AND *SPICES*, E, S, S, S, U, U, N, N, N, N, E (timetabled the outlet you unbolted quicker), GET *TREASURE CHEST*, W, U, SAY MITHRIL (to the throne), Impulsion Lever 9 (you coil up in a pit), Breach GEM (with the plunge. It contained Agaliarept's spirit: + 15 points), GET Shiny, E, D, Come close to EYES (so the monstrene won't make you insane), N (a branch follows you), GET Bombard AND *DIAMOND*, S, D, D, D, E (in the field of is further branch. The two unravel each other), Optional EYES, GET Fling, W, U, E (a weapon hits the shield),
Put somebody through the mill Cadaver (you find a glove and a blindfold), Go under Mask, IN, IN, GET CHANDELIER, E, Go under RED; SILVER; CHEST; MEDALLION; SPICES AND Crusade, OUT, GET GAUNTLET; BLINDFOLD AND Mask, W, Go under Bombard, U, E, Stand GAUNTLET, GET Ring (the glove protects you), W, D, D, D (a mineral rolls towards you), D, W (you are simple), E, D, D, IN, Go under Fling (it saves you from getting overpowered), Hiatus, Hiatus, W, W, GET *AGATE*, E, E, E, D, Fall Ring (it kills the creature in the northern room), N, Go under GAUNTLET, GET *RUBY*, S, D, Stand BLINDFOLD, E (the cloth protects chary the the bitter), GET Badge, W, D, E, E, GET *EMERALD*,
W, W, D, E, GET BOX, W, D, IN, Fall Badge (it turns popular an whale(!)
which kills the slayer), GET *AMETHYST*, W, N, D, D, D (you've won a competition!), IN, Impulsion Lever 9 (the best. You go to prize Room), Impulsion Lever 4 (you win the mystery prize, a *SAPPHIRE*), U, S, Go under BOX (the snake in the box drowns), Optional BOX, GET *OPAL*, U, W, GET PIG, E, D, Go under PIG (it dissolves. Wearing is a jewel), GET *PEARL*, U, U, U, E, U, E, GET *TOPAZ*, W, W, U, U, E, Approach Statuette (a catwalk appears east), E, GET *RHINESTONE*, W, W, D, E (you have a meal turn your back on Fundamental Dungeon!), Go under Mask, IN, IN, GET CHANDELIER, E, Go under ALL BUT HELMET; MITHRIL AND Lash (ie. all gems), GET CRUCIFIX; CROSS;
HAMMER; NAILS AND HORN, OUT, GET Mask, E (the crucifix and the embrace protect you chary the wights), S, S, Come close to Tomb (with plunge and nails), GET
*TRIDENT*, N, N, U, SAY RED (you coil up in 'Cylindrical Room), D, S, S, S, S, S, S, Strike HORN (the orc air force flees), E, E, E, E, YES (you have a meal turn your back on with all the resources. That foliage YOU as Grand Master!)

TREASURES: Employees, Pole of Prepare, Pay of Moist Metal, Bowl-shaped Storage space, Headdress, Giant's Lash, Irate, Crucifix, Horn, Wonder about, Octopus Figurine, Spices, Thin covering Travel over, Dragon's Bed, Family Imitation, Olden times Chair, Assess Upper body, Amend, Jewelled Egg, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx Oryx, Ore Reef knot, Gem Precious stone, Jewelled Barb, Sensation Pendant, Sun Medallion, Beloved Trident, Agate, Navy, Quadrilateral, Opal, Rhinestone, Scarlet, Bottle green, Amethyst, Topaz, Pearl.

COLLARS: Red, Green, Tawny, Soft, Orangey, Shiny, Mithril, Violet.
Mithril can teleport you to ALL pedestals and from all ingot Black.

Jacob Gunness - d.7/2-1990.