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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Defender Or Hunter

Defender Or Hunter
Here's latest one of my army lists based on eCaine. Unrelated my other army list, this one uses a Tracker relatively of a Protection. Along with the payment points, Caine can wear the B13 - which is a accomplish toolbox unit next the fact they do adequately a bit of imperfection.

Points: 35

Person in charge Allister Caine (*5PTS)

* Ol' Rowdy (9PTS)

* Squire (2PTS)

Not able to be understood Tropical storm Gun Mages (Disdainful and 5 Grunts) (6PTS)

* Not able to be understood Tropical storm Gun Mage Controller (2PTS)

* * Tracker (6PTS)

Black 13th Gun Mage Nightclub Amalgamate (4PTS)

Rangers (5PTS)

Person in charge Arlan Strangewayes (2PTS)

Eiryss, Cherub of Arch-rival (3PTS)

Reinholdt, Gobber Pioneer (1PTS)

So I numeral the come out is: Protection or Hunter? The Tracker allows me to make AP attacks vs. Medium-Large bunk bed models (halve their shelter) and can do the exceptionally imperfection to inhabit models as the Protection. Add in some Runeshots from the marshaled ATGM UA and you've got the exceptionally share of key as the Protection. The downside to that is that in opposition to minor bunk bed models, the Tracker moral does 8 imperfection vs. the Defender's huge POW15. On the next send a message even though, the Tracker has AD, Pathfinder, RAT7 and DEF14. To the same extent it can move widely in land-dwelling, it's almost on the brink nearly DEF16 and is an chief bullying tool.

The Protection, on the other hand, has a cut above imperfection boxes, a cut above shelter and a RNG16 POW15 pistol that shoots at RAT6. He too has a MAT7 Cortex Repeat that can hit for a upright PS16 and does 1 ad of Cortex imperfection with each hit. To the same extent he does identical imperfection all nearly with his pistol, he can achieve out and applaud helpless warcasters/warlocks for a shit ton of imperfection. The 16" array too allows the Protection to aim at limit targets for an effective RAT8.

The big thing to document about these two is table. At 6 points vs. the Defender's 9, booty the Tracker gives me the B13 or A&H vs. the Protection + Stormsmith. So far, I've been having good effectiveness with the Protection, but I numeral I hold to speech nearly to see what's good and what's not.