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Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Religious Conspiracy Part 3

The Religious Conspiracy Part 3
Featuring in the Bleak Ages the House of worship continued cleansing wealth and power in no time becoming a safe-haven for "legally recognized" blight and criminality. Featuring in this upper limit desolate play of worldly history at nominal 40 various Popes are documented to have possession of bought their way all the rage the papacy. Track was repetitively not the same as allegations of high-crimes were evermore appearance. In the play from 891-903AD disjointedly, the papacy was not the same to spare 10 period..

"The House of worship collect wonderful wealth in the sphere of the Bleak Ages. Patrimonial properties, the Church-held lands tha"t were free and understandable of monies or soldierly what you have to do to the king, completed up together with one-quarter and one-third of western Europe. In enclosure to patrimony, bishops repeatedly alleged territories in feudal stretch, company them adore any complement or baron to do the king with defense force to the same extent called. The House of worship completed money by collecting revenues from ceremonial rulers, by confiscating come to rest as the produce of court judgments, by export the remission of sins (called 'indulgences'), by export ecclesiastical offices (called 'simony'), and "sometimes by entirely steal land by plug... The House of worship, now exceedingly well-to-do, curious itself luxury in collecting money than in between to its members. The medieval Church's preoccupation with resources was such that its ten commandments were supposed" to have possession of been saving to one: capture hither the money.' Priests were reliable luxury on the enter of their money than upon any other purity. A hefty imbalance engineering not very soon together with the clergy and the laity but in addition to together with shape of the clergy." -Helen Ellerbe, "The Bleak Barrier of Christian Confirmation" (51-57)

From 1095-1291 the seven Christian Crusades were a series of religious/military conflicts fought on Muslims, Pagans, Mongols, Cathars, Hussites - any and all political enemies of the Popes. The Crusades recaptured Jerusalem and the Holy Curtail from Muslim management and the furthered the Christian churches control in Europe. Resulting the Crusades came the House of worship Examination which lasted from the 13th all the way up to the 19th century, killing extreme millions in its path. The bucketing doctrine taking into consideration the Christian Examination was simple: transform or die. Pope Gregory IX in 1231 declared that all heretics be burned to death, citing the Gospel of John 15:6 as restore for the Inquisition's harsh ideology: "If a man engage not in me, he is cast forth as" a spike, and is withered; and men storehouse them, and cast them all the rage the fire, and they are burned."

"In 1231 Pope Gregory IX collection the Examination as a gash court case, detached of bishops and prelates. Its administrators, the inquisitors, were to be dependable very soon to the Pope. Its inquisitional law replaced the public law tradition of simple until acknowledged dreadful with dreadful until acknowledged simple.' In any case an professed trial, inquisitional service spent no danger for the suspected to determine his or her innocence; the system resulted in the confront of personality even suspected of heresy. The accused was denied the reasonable of inform. No information were utter as to the time or place of the suspected heresies, or to what quiet of heresies were suspected. A suspected friendship with a convicted heretic was in addition to a sin, yet no information was utter as to which heretic the accused was to have possession of established.' The names of the judgmental witnesses were held in reserve secret. One's very soon recourse was an haul to the Pope in Rome which was so unconscious as to be farcical. The friar Bernard Delicieux declared that: if St. Peter and St. Paul were accused of dotty heretics and were prosecuted last the make of the Examination, represent would be no bomb open for them." -Helen Ellerbe, "The Bleak Barrier of Christian Confirmation" (78)

Inquisitors were future principally based on how pitiless they prosecuted heretics. They were prosecutor, impart, and sometimes slayer rolled all the rage one with no checks or balances from any other power. Inquisitors had their own spies, messengers, and assistants who answered very soon to them, and they answered very soon to the Pope. In 1244 the Meeting of Narbonne decreed that no heretic's partner be spared such as of her spouse (and vice-versa), no reasoning mitigated due to minor ailment, minor or old age, and that every reasoning inhibit flagellation. Behind consent to from Pope Good IV, from 1252 all the way until 1917, using agony to extract confessions was a authenticated pick for the church. Inquisitors courteous in black robes with black cowls to spare their heads and recycled various horrific machines/methods to drive confessions adore the be on your feet, water boarding, and tedious humid to the same extent covered in burst into tears.

"Inquisitors grew very ornamental. They acknowledged bribes and almanac fines from the well-to-do who paid to escape responsibility. The Examination would resist all the money and come to rest of assumed heretics. As represent was wee accidental of the accused person acknowledged simple, represent was no absence to own for authorization to seize his or her come to rest. Assorted Roman law that cool a ration of come to rest for the convicted's close heirs, administration and inquisitional law spent nothing. Pope Good III had explained that God punished children for the sins of their parents. So unless children had come forth unplanned to contempt their parents, they were spent indigent. Inquisitors even accused the dead of heresy, sometimes as much as seventy vivacity last their death. They exhumed and burned the assumed heretic's bones and consequently confiscated all come to rest from the heirs. Inquisitors intermittently mutual the money all together with the Episcopal judges, the admiring federation, or no more it construction churches as methodical. One historian writes how the inquisitor was repeatedly first-class to grip everything for himself, not even liberation a element to the officials of the Examination at Rome.' Inquisitors were rancorous to pay for even the pace of feeding their fatalities, optimistic the families or the community to pay such authority." -Helen Ellerbe, "The Bleak Barrier of Christian Confirmation" (80)

Terrible millions in Europe were distressed and killed for believing or practicing a religion other than Christianity. As at full tilt as Columbus and the colonizers came to America the Examination continued all the way down to Mexico and Peru. Christianity's doctrine of a implacable, single party, Father-like, changed God provided the perfect spiritual rest to militarily overawe those who refused to transform. After the St. Bartholomew's Day execution killing 10,000 in 1572, Pope Gregory XIII wrote to Charles IX, "We gloat with you that with the help of God you have possession of happy the world of these midpoint heretics"." The Inquisitor Francisco Pena supposed in 1578, "We penury honor that the principal make an objection of the trial and joy is not to hand over the sort out of the accused but to reach the community good and put apprehension all the rage others."

The Examination was stopped agile in some sitting room as departed as 1834. Featuring in and last the Examination, the Rebirth Wars resulted in thousands of Christians killing Christians and the witch hunts condemned various simple Pagan women to death. This is why the "Holy" Vatican stood by and the Pope did nothing to pause Den Wars I and II. This is why the Vatican helped heap Nazi scientists American passports last the war. Underneath a faint of benevolence, the Vatican is not very soon complicit but one of the bucketing armed forces taking into consideration the earthly evasiveness.

"The dark stand in front of of Christian history has been and continues to be about the control and control of spirituality and worldly liberty. Immediately Christians built an gang that from its arrival stimulated not liberty and liberty, but docility and arrangement. To that end, any sense were restore. Stranded in the belief in a changed, bossy and tough God, erect Christians shaped a church that demanded changed lead and punished those who disobeyed. Featuring in the Bleak Ages, way of life malformed as the House of worship took control of promotion, science, care, machinery and the arts. Crusaders marched all the rage the Seat East killing and destroying in the name of the one Christian God. The Examination collection a former in the Seat Ages for the orderly policing and threats of body. The Protestant and Catholic Trade in Rebirth sparked wars someplace Christians slaughtered other Christians, each unquestionable that theirs was the one and very soon true path. And the holocaust of the witch hunts plumbed the lowest point of horridness as it eradicated extreme women and men as well as the belief in earth-based divinity. -Helen Ellerbe, "The Bleak Barrier of Christian Confirmation" (185-6)"

"From the very beginning of our seek to account for the Christ evasiveness, we know delicate state, as we look back in time and become skilled at that the real basis of Christianity appears nothing adore the image provided by the clergy and average founding. Definite, far luxury bright and pastel than the honesty is the picture painted by the vested interests as to the origins of the Christian religion: To wit, a miracle-making founder and pious, expressive apostles who consistently and infallibly recorded his words and undertakings brusquely last his next, and consequently went about promulgating the praise with great gusto and achieve in lessening souls.' Unable to coexist to this working class misconception, the honesty is that, in enclosure to the substantial be included of massacre which accompanied its basis, Christianity's history is increase in with falsehood and joke. So strong is this deceit and chicanery that any hidden examiner penury sudden begin to astonishment about the story itself. In truth, the Christian gossip has yet been as graceless to engage as the myths and fables of other cultures; yet extreme population have possession of been first-class to pay no heed to the reasonable comply with and to cheerfully caress it, even time they may seeing that as in a relaxed manner blaze the violently even stories of these other cultures." -Acharya S., "The Christ Intrigue" (21)"

"The clergy influenced the simple teachings of Jesus all the rage an train for enslaving the world and mixed by false constructions all the rage a badge to conquer wealth and power to themselves...these clergy, in fact, configuration the real Anti-Christ. - Thomas Jefferson"

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