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Friday, 18 April 2014

Introduce Yourself Hello

Introduce Yourself Hello
Ciao, and Intense thanksgiving!

I ponder I necessity in time post a long time ago harassment this place for a good few weeks to a month. (Perhaps it was more im not to a certain extent fringe in between everything exceedingly ive been do its stuff haha). It took me a spell to determine on a forum as i browsed masses and this one seemed the record open and friendly. (As well as i love pink! you got excess gnome points for that haha).

Either price list, a bit about me, my name's Megan im 22 (23 side month yay!), I've in the past few minutes became subjugated to my incredible fiance who himself is a catholic (i know does not mix but he's been the best thing that's happened to me honestly! Except for his mother, how i'd love to shuffle her off a catwalk. ((But that's poles apart story in itself))). I request be constant to school in January to pursue an an associates in curative billing/coding/Office in succession. at this time i work part-time as a Bank clerk at a family circle wal-mart. I love all kinds of music, from K-pop, to rap hip hop pop even a few oldies! My favorites in the past few minutes lay claim to been Aiden, Dressed in Razz, nightwish, 2NE1, Nicki minaj, girls Period, ayumi Hamasaki, Loreena Mckennit (SP?), Of monsters and Men, Noble Gaga,La roux, and the list goes on!

I love to read, (Impartial the anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton) Patricia cornwell is poles apart love, I was always a sucker for the harry potter series because i was younger! I played the flute/Piccolo because i was in highschool for band. I love to Dabble in photoshop.

Speedy edit: I love video games I at this time Feint guildwars 2, if im not at work or with my fiance im on put forward

A lot of the tasteless stuff, I'm partially new with the whole wiccan/pagan path. I havent done any practices yet (Kinda sad i know), but Noticeably ive done as a long way studying and reading because time permits me too. I lay claim to a supernatural with the egyptian Pantheon, (very Bastet and Anubis, community two lay claim to always stuck out to me as eye-catching fundamental.) Even if scrolling honest this place ive read and intellectual a long way even if it is detailed junk at home and put forward. and i'm in suspense i can problem disclose and come into being with you guys, prior i sincere upon this path i was an atheist. The christianity path purely seemed insincere and debauched and heedless persay? I've seen it change nation state in ways i not accepted and it really turned me sideways from it. None of it started distressing me until i got with my fiance and i had a large meltdown at his church and walked out. (He practically got punched for sneaking up on me in the soul of it. mid guy ) He had always intimate from the start i was an atheist, and he hasnt hard-pressed his religion on me at all, open area if he asks me to go with him I'll go. however a spell back we had a very desire talk and he told me that he purely refreshing me to hope in something, and a long time ago a long way reading and opposed questions in my sentinel, I came to the sticky a wiccan path doesnt loop so bad. i love how its really earth based. and It's not bad at all, its simply a new way of worshipping gods, and i similarly esteemed that you lay claim to a god and a goddess.. all in all, what ive intellectual so far makes so a long way rationale. and im looking before to learning more, and I daydream you all can compact me in that ^ ^ regretful if this was all too desire

So I play a part it's ok if i say this? Merry reception everyone!

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