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Sunday, 27 April 2014

45 Holy Martyrs At Nicopolis In Armenia

45 Holy Martyrs At Nicopolis In Armenia


The Forty-five Martyrs of the Armenian Metropolis of Nicopolis suffered dressed in the rule of the emperor Licinius (311-324), then a coregent with Constantine the Stark. Licinius fiercely persecuted Christians and in his Eastern short of the Family he issued an theory to put to death human being who would not take over to return to paganism. Such as the persecutions began at Nicopolis, best quality than forty of the persecuted of Christ considerable to diagram cheerfully in advance their persecutors, to give to somebody for safe keeping frankly their depend on in the Son of God and make a choice martyrdom. The holy confessors were headed by Leontius, Mauricius, Daniel, Anthony and Alexander, and were grand by their good life. The procurator of the Armenian province, Licius, in advance whom the holy confessors offered themselves, was stunned at the freshness and impudence of populate who cheerfully ill-fated themselves to persecute and death. He tried to wisdom them to renounce Christ and hint expenditure to the pagan gods, but the saints remained forceful. They refuted all the arguments of the proprietor, pointing out to him all the pretense of depend on in the appalling and vice-filled pagan gods, leading populate that respect them to dirty. The procurator gave information to time out the confessors about the direction with stones, and then impede and maintain them.

In slow the saints rejoiced and sang the Psalms of David. St Leontius expressive and moved the brethren, preparing them to make a choice new tortures for the true Faith, and relating them of the impudence of all populate once upon a time that had suffered for Christ. In the first light, once upon a time lasting refusals to hint expenditure to the idols, the saints were again final better-quality to persecute. St Leontius, seeing the passionate agony of the martyrs and tense that some of them strength speech impediment and lose depend on, prayed to God that there strength be a quick end of the theme for all.

Such as the holy martyrs sang Psalms at midnight, an angel of the Lord terse appeared to them, and the slow blazed with light. The angel acknowledged to the martyrs that their combat was near its end, and their names or were adorned in Paradise. Two of the slow guards, Meneus and Virilad, saw what was come across and made-up in Christ. On the political first light, the proprietor considerable to put the martyrs of Christ to death. Following beastly tortures they burned them in a fire, and threw their bones in a canal. Holier-than-thou people found the rest, gathered them up and saved them. Gone on, seeing that announcement had been bestown to the Church of Christ, a church was built on this soak in the name of the holy 45 Martyrs.