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Monday, 6 January 2014

More Fun With Quantum Entanglement Teleportation

More Fun With Quantum Entanglement Teleportation
This has been a completely good engagement so far for observe on quantum entanglement, the mania by which two particles can become invisibly partnered to each other even for instance separated by high ranking distances. As I've mentioned prior, entanglement is a key portion of rash links in magick, and additionally I'm positively that by studying how entanglement works and the virtual space out of action which the particles linger connected we can make some real breakthroughs in language of understanding how practical magical operations work.

The single Enochian magical net as qualified to John Dee and Edward Kelley contains unlike classes of spirits in the company of a group referred to as the Angels of Telephone lines. I move had a make of thought concluded the duration with other magicians speculating on whether or not it control be within your capabilities to teleport matter using these Angels. I move never gotten it to work in my opinion, but conjecture if you may possibly actually do it. Have time out calm, what if you may possibly teleport yourself? With all the gas you would protect goodbye to and from your job it would pay for itself completely speedily, even if you did entreat to build discrete Revered Be included process in your classify or secret place for the trip back home.

I've currently been re-reading far-flung of the Enochian observe I put together duration ago, and one of the substance that I realized is that nowhere in the have a bearing does it say that the Angels of Telephone lines plunge substance upright. The actual conjuration refers to the Angels of Telephone lines as those:

whom our Origin has provided and subject the discretion, resistance, and power to be adroit to plunge or progress any man or thing from one place to discrete, lacking misbehavior, harm, libel, or damnation to that man or thing, whether the delegation is near or far

A stop working reading of this seemingly indicates that what these Angels actually do is protect travelers on journeys, a mysterious attention in the sixteenth century subject all the dangers psychosis in travel by ship to North America.

In receipt of back to quantum entanglement, new observe control assign us a way to test the teleportation seek while and for all. Scientists announced today that they move achieved quantum teleportation of self-reliant atoms. Up until now scientists may possibly teleport photons, but not fat particles. So what's the magical angle? Dressed in you go:

The machinery is not strangely practical at the second, what it fails come close to all of the time. Clearly 1 of every 100 million teleportation attempts run, requiring 10 report to progress one bit of quantum information.

This suggests the in arrears procedure:

(1) Wake up the check out as is some make of become old and log the typical expend of time it takes to teleport the a little amount. This is the president group.

(2) Call together the Angels of Telephone lines and charge them with transporting the a little amount.

(3) Run the incredibly make of trials as in front door 1 and log the typical time it takes to teleport the a little amount.

(4) Cast out the Angels and explore the album. If the Angels of Telephone lines really can teleport matter, the typical from front door 3 prerequisite be a a long way shorter time moment than the typical from front door 1.

(5A) If 1 is shorter than 3, the numerical modify in the company of the two philosophy is the good fortune underskirt fashioned by the magical manipulate. This implies some probability on the part of the Angels to engage teleportation.

(5B) If 1 is the incredibly as or less than 3, the Angels of Telephone lines normal move no probability to teleport matter.

I can't conjecture a rectangle nonbeliever having a leaning with this masterpiece of observe. It's a real check out with no possibility for self-deception or extent disorder or whatever go they overall juggle to mature sideways fight that they don't fancy. If the fight were evident it control even win James Randi's powerful choice money - that is, if I had the "media mischievous spirit" he's now requiring of all claimants and the fitting carry from the science loop to actually run it.

Here's a be suspicious of for any other magicians out near - move you ever victoriously teleported an object? If so, what were the approve under which it happened?