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Friday, 17 January 2014

Addressing The Question Is The Name Jehovah An Invention Of The Watchtower Society

Addressing The Question Is The Name Jehovah An Invention Of The Watchtower Society
No, the name "Jehovah" is no in addition of an revolution than the names "Jesus, Joshua," or "Jonathan." Such a

imprison requires others to be perfectly unacquainted.

And the "Watchtower" hides fundamentally nil regarding the origin of the English enunciation Jehovah. [The] relationship [finished in this perforate] is fallacious and off beam as can be seen by cube a two of a kind of the innumerable quotes in the Witnesses' literature:

"In 1278 it appeared in Latin in the work Pugio fidei (Switchblade of Trust), by Raymundus Martini, a Spanish holy woman.

"Raymundus Martini hand-me-down the spelling Yohoua. Immediately after, in 1303, Porchetus de Salvaticis fulfilled a work entitled Victoria Porcheti adversusi impios Hebraeos. In this he, too, mentioned God's name, spelling it variously Iohouah, Iohoua and Ihouah.

"Thus, in 1518, Petrus Galatinus published a work entitled De arcanis catholicae veritatis in which he spells God's name Iehoua. The name most important appeared in an English Bible in 1530, what William Tyndale published a summary of the most important five books of the Bible. In this he included the name of God, customarily spelled Iehouah, in accurate verses, and in a expansion in this broadcast he wrote: 'Iehovah is God's name... Both as oft as thou seist Member of the aristocracy in robust post it is in Hebrew Iehovah.'" - "The Lovely Finger That Endures Forever", WTB.... Overwhelmingly, the word is found even in the "Pugio fidei" of Raymund Martin, a work on paper about 1270. Perhaps THE Foundation OF THE Finger JEHOVAH ANTEDATES Emphatically R. MARTIN. No signal next that this form has been regarded as the true enunciation of the Lovely name by such scholars as Michaelis, Drach, and others."

So the origin of the English enunciation is rooted in all the ancient languages.

The name Jehovah is NOT an doubtful "revolution." It by rights retains the finish four post or Tetragrammaton of God's name in Hebrew.

Thus, recent discoveries and studies connect exclusive self-possessed track record that YHWH had to connect three syllables, not two! So, Yahoveh/Yehoveh now seems to be the record respectable. In fact, in light of the track record, in English Jehovah may be as as the crow flies to the ultimate enunciation as one can get in translating any name from Hebrew to English or other languages.

(See George Wesley Buchanan; "How God's Finger Was Heavy", Biblical Archaeology Pr?cis Mar./Apr. 1995 Intensity 21 Specify 2; page 30. Harris, Archer, Waltke; "Theological Wordbook of the Old Shrine" #484. James Trimm; "Nazarenes and the Finger of YHWH" and "In Immensity Exclusively"?" by Gerard Gertoux)

The same as we hand out the appealing track record for a tri-syllable enunciation, the allowable oration alteration slightly sharp in their enunciation from the tough of "Jehovah." So, it is flagrant that "Jehovah" does in fact standard the Lovely Finger.

"Jehovah" can be verified as an respectable side for YHWH by investigation of theophoric names.

The ultimate Hebrew name for God's son is a theophoric since it contains the Lovely Finger. It is on paper YHWSA. No one knows expected how it was grand but either Yeshua or Yehoshua are allowable. And even while "Jesus" does not retain the Hebrew enunciation it is the record accepted is a fount respectable enunciation.

If you hand out "Jesus" as upright, next you connect to hand out Yeh(o)-/Jeh(o)- as the most important part of the Lovely Finger. Another theophoric names in the Bible defender this prefix as well as The Finger having three syllables.

Subsequently, we can acceptably create the Hebrew "tetragrammaton" YHWH/JHVH as Yehowah, Yahweh or Jehovah.

Replacing the Lovely name with a common handle "Member of the aristocracy" is the record get of blasphemies and elicits the strongest of defamation (Rev. 22:18,19). It is imitating Satan, who refused to hand-me-down that Finger, and it is a refusal to ruminate Jesus who "finished that name explicit" to all his associates and placed it most important, of main fascination, in his draw up plans prayer (Jn.17:6,26; Mt.6:9).

God finished it flagrant that Jehovah would be his Unbreakable Finger (Ex. 3:15, Mic. 4:5; Jer.23:27). It was conspicuously Christ's heart to make Jehovah's name explicit to Christians (Jn. 17:6, 26 (Cf. Jn. 12:28; 17:4, 26; Rev. 1:5).

In the end grow old Genuine Christians would be amalgamated with the Father's Finger (Acts 15:14; Amos 9:11, 12). Discourage to use some as it should be form of that Finger would followed by be a withdrawal of being absolutely Christian.


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