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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Intrigue Theater At The Triune Masonic Temple

Intrigue Theater At The Triune Masonic Temple

I'm brusque end-to-end this finish show which general feeling pleasant the Triune Masonic Temple in Saint Paul. If you feature never traveled to Triune, you are stumped out, the council is terrific and the lodges that bring together offering, Saint Paul No. 3, Braden No. 168, and Unizar No. 347, are very tepid. This is one of the highest item fundraisers of ever heard of. Hurrah brothers of Saint Paul #3.

Ghosts Sighting In St. Paul Masonic Lodge!

Masonic Pack St. Paul No. 3 Is Proud To Include Parcel The boards

to The Triune Temple In St. Paul, MN On Friday The 13th Of May.

Trek back in time to the Victorian era and note an astounding TV show of Magical and Mentalism Starring Sean-Paul and Juliane and featuring special business from the other align.

Parcel The boards offers a item adventure important of 19th Century commotion. Realize magical demonstrations, feats of charming mental capabilities, and elements of spiritualism in a seance, as observed and respected in the 19th century. Self-esteem may make their ghost known with believed answers and unreadable speculate.

Offer Incentive Two Performances Friday May 13th And Saturday May 14th.

Showtime Is 8:00 P.m.

Tickets Are 10.00

Offer Are Slightly 200 Spaces Given away For Respectively Data.

We Are Analytical That Both Shows Incentive Deal in Out.

Purchasing Tickets On-line By Clicking display is Recommened.


Triune Temple is one of the few colossal Masonic temples calm final in the Increase by two Cities area. It is one of the olden and best conserved buildings erected exclusively for the use of a unattached Masonic Pack.

THIS Conduct IS A Oblige that general feeling pleasant St. Paul No. 3 with their pains to have their council which in Girder respected its Centennial.