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Monday, 28 October 2013

Is Pedro Regis Jewish

Is Pedro Regis Jewish
As many of my measure reading know I fasten made a couple of blog articles about the prophecies of Pedro Regis. For some slang I felt to put them on this blog even whereas some may fasten wondered what this had to do with Catholic Jews or Hebrew Catholics. A minute ago I noticed that a tome of sites on the Internet quotation that Pedro Regis is a Catholic of Jewish derivation or a Jewish Catholic. So I realise redeployment about him was very true to this blog.

One of the sites is the "Catholic Methodical Book" which states: "...On the day to the front the 60th celebration of his ordination a holy priest gave this reporter a announcement about the prophetic messages of Pedro Regis, a Jewish Catholic from Brazil. One of the themes of the Regis messages is the troubling resources of a horrific Islamic army thug out of the Focal East en route for Rome and the Vatican destroying everything in its rites. "... a excessive army drive set out from Mecca and drive give a go by of disintegration and death wherever it passes," according to honest #2722 particular on Pompous 19, 2006 and reported in the Set of instructions ">"... an army drive furiously information towards Rome. Churches drive be burned and many holy seating drive be wiped out," honest #3007 particular on June 7, 2008. "... he who is opposed to Christ drive bring burden and bemoan to all Europe," honest #2939 particular on January 5, 2008..." Are we seeing the beginning of this now in 2011 with the disobedient bombing of the Egyptian Coptic Minster and the bombing of Churches in Iraq as well as the hazard to Coptic churches in Europe.

Something else last-minute honest warns about the beat on the Pope. This is Announcement 3409 from Our Lady of Pact, Anguera, Bahia, Brazil transmitted on the 7th of December 2010.

"Unite Sons and Daughters, you belong to The Member of the aristocracy grasp not fear anything. Your victory is in Him Who is your complete good and knows what you grasp. Open your hearts and learn with Jesus that lonely the obedient and modest of peak drive allow the alight of illusion. Be docil to My yell and sham My Jesus in everything. You are leaving towards a opt for of excessive difficulties. Hard days drive come for men and women of prayer. Numerous drive turn opposed to the offspring of Peter and acquaint with drive be a excessive difficult of position. A offspring of Peter drive develop a culminate lid and drive see the death of many deified disposition. Yearn for far off for the church. Make somewhere your home who support overweight in the position drive be triumphant. Nervousness not. I am your Mom and I am with you. Household on the way I fasten precisely out to you. This is the honest I present you in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to unite you hip like elder. I bless you in the name of The Shrink, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit, Amen. Keep on in categorization. Amen."

Precise Catholics fasten been put off his messages because of the use of the word Mom for Our Lady. In spite of that fanatically addressing Our Lady as Mom or Mama is mean in Latin cultures. Each time I lived in the Philippines I was surprised and upset in the same way as I formerly heard Filipinos referring to Our Lady as Mama Mary. In spite of that I in a moment grew to take pleasure in it and started to use it face-to-face. This further frenzy with Jewish trade which refers to a Jewish mother as Imma (mummy)merely as we can refer to God as Abba (daddy)so we can residence Our Lady as Imma. Imma in the Jewish mystical tradition refers to the Celestial Close relative as Imma. She who is the female Wisdom and Shekhinah.

If individuality to boot knows anything about the Jewish film or derivation of Pedro Regis demand let us know.

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Note: Anita Novinsky a official on the Jewish history of Brazil wrote in her book "Crist~aos Novos na Bahia" that 10-20% of the white ethnic group in Salvador (the wherewithal of Bahia) were of Jewish discontinue. In the 18th century, the Jewish New Christians constituted about 15-20% of the ethnic group in Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, because lacking of the white ethnic group in Para'iba was further of Jewish origin.

Pedro Regis' formerly honest for 2011 particular on January 1: "Unite Sons and Daughters, I am the Emperor of Pact and I come from illusion to bring you categorization. You are gather in a line for a opt for of excessive trials. You are now innermost within the time announced by the prophets centuries ago. Now is the time of sorrows for offerings. Alter your lick up in prayer. The opt for has cold for you copious discoveries awaited by mankind. Take pride because The Member of the aristocracy is at your face, and you drive find release lonely in His Daintiness. The church of My Jesus drive develop a culminate lid. It drive persist calvary because of persecutions and acquaint with drive be excessive pain for men and women of position. I ask you to grip the incandesce of position vital. Chastely by the power of prayer drive you be clear to support trusty to My Son Jesus and to His teaching. I want to lead you to holiness. Open your hearts to My yell and sham My Son Jesus in everything. The king drive set excessive burden and his throne drive be upside down. Yearn for, pray, pray. This is the honest I put on the air to you today in the name of the Upper limit Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to unite you hip like elder. I bless you in the name of The Shrink, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at Pact."

Is this apparition about the Ruler and his throne such as upside down referring to the Pope and his Papal throne or does it refer to Prince Charles rising the British throne and it such as overturned? Is this an all-important to the prominent apparition of the three overturns in the Bible (Ezekiel 21:27) in regards to the Davidic Monarchy?