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Friday, 4 October 2013

Do Not Forget Satipatthna Vipassan Meditation Sayadaw U Kundala

Do Not Forget Satipatthna Vipassan Meditation Sayadaw U Kundala
"Buddha asked all his bhikkus not to delay in their practice towards Nibbana. "Do not pine for, practise with gravity" was the dash peer of Buddha. They are the most pouring, the most dripping words uttered by Buddha. The ordinary unforgetfulness is such as the yogi practises dana, sila and samatha bhavana, which essence lead him towards secular wealth, outer space wealth and Brahma's wealth. The real make an objection of the true meaning of 'unforgetfulness' is for us not to pine for the Satipatthana Vipassana Meditation".

"Not to pine for the practice of "Vipassana Meditation" is the completely interpretation of Buddha's dash peer. Present-day are three types of forgetfulness:

1. Serious slackness.

2. Familiar slackness.

3. Forgetting what obligation not exercise been forgotten.

Serious Void

It refers to colonize who are with ducarita all the time. Killing others, theft others' properties, etc., are called gentle slackness. They essence foot participating in the apaya - the four execrable states - in their calculated lives.

Familiar Void

It refers to folks who are enjoying life; who are pensive in their article routines with good lob, good cars and funny links lives. Kith and kin generally are operating with the pleasures of the sensual world, and pine for to muse. This too, is not good. In the same way as of their slackness, they essence be in the sea of samsara for a want time, as this life. They essence viewpoint the dukkha of old age, the dukkha of vomiting, the dukkha of death and the dukkha of resurrection another time and another time and another time. Best yogis in this end up essence be in this font, too. But such as delivery wealth, if you exercise some make an objection of deed dana out of that wealth, next it is not so bad.

FORGETTING The same as Obligation NOT Sing your own praises BEEN Ancient

It refers to folks yogis who arrange home to go to the forests and meditation centres to practise meditation to know Boardwalk and Fruition in this very life. Sometimes, the yogi, in the midst of his meditation, becomes remiss in some of his notings. He essence be leisurely in reaching Nibbana. One can be remiss to be rational, even in the meditation centre.

In the dash peer of Buddha, "do not pine for" is the pouring token.

If we do not pine for the act of Dana;

If we do not pine for the act of Sila;

If we do not pine for Samatha Bhavana;

Basically, if we do not pine for to practise "Vipassana Meditation", next we are behaving to the concerning of our Buddha.

- SAYADAW U KUNDALA, "Dhamma Discourses on Vipassana Meditation"

Prior the Buddha agreed improbable, the very dash words he gave to his train were:

"Position, O monks, this is my dash whisper to you. All side relevant in the world are bendable. They are not footing. Be in charge of brusque to discharge your own salvation"."

* DANA (almsgiving or bounteousness), constitutes the excel give somebody the job of of meritorious fascinate, the two others for example SILA (rectitude or virtue) and BH`aVAN`a (mental advance). Buddhists interpret that folks who practice dana essence rent calculated blessings such as resurrection participating in happier states of time.
* VIPASSANA Meditation is the found of brooding practice based on the Buddha's concise for the advance of mindfulness. See Vipasanna Meditation.
* DUCARITA or duccarita is evil outlet, which is threefold: in goings-on, words and prudence.
* AP`aYA is the four "adorn realms": the animal realm, mood realm, realm of asuras (jealous gods), and hell. See the Three Worlds of Natural life.

* DUKKHA is generally translated as effort, throb, suffer, or disappointment. It is the excel of the Four Eminent Truths expounded by the Buddha.

* Boardwalk AND FRUITION: A "path" is a heightened state of attentiveness in which you discharge "vipassana" (sharpness) participating in the true manufacture of time. A "fruition" is a importance of consciousness that you intelligence as you breach a path or condition of rationalization.