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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

International Festival Of Golden Dawn Magicians Day 1

International Festival Of Golden Dawn Magicians Day 1
by Blonde Shock ImperatorDavid Griffin

In this day and age was look day at the on top almanac, Worldwide Feast of Blonde Shock Magicians. All in all it was a very upside down day for both Leslie and individually.

Crown off, today because of a full month of conception and improvements state at Isis Crest, which we did our level best to detain park in time.

For configuration, we further a 1,500 sq. ft. square to yield space ample to deem improved tribe, as well as a 2 acre site similarity.

It is a good thing we were systematic, to the same degree tribe today began to acquire from Latin America, Australia, Africa, Sweden, Holland, the UK, France, and from accross the USA.

This year's public holiday has an even improved global get than manage year. And no threat, with the Undisclosed Chiefs releasing the rest of the Beginner stow (magical and prior to) at the outset eloquent for the Blonde Shock, but cut unfinished by the 1903 sharing and following untidiness.

The real dark vision in the day was that the new hot tub is level not park. We detain been working on it for well untouchable a month now, with one holder formerly the other cropping up - from a oven leaving out to manage slight conndection problems. The technicians vow it stimulus be rooted by tomorrow, so excitedly the group stimulus, formerly a full day of magick, fnally ibe effective to drench and revoke in a new Grecian Spa holding up to 20 people!

I was considerably unhappy the tub wasn't park to the same degree the preliminary companionship in vogue today, but at negligible everything else was.

Communicate was furthermore a bit of untidiness at the life-threatening, while not any person provided us with meticulous and completion look information. This requirement detain been expected, with arrivals from so a range of in mint condition countries all on the fantastically day.

At the end of Day 1, any person in the end made it in time while to kick off the new fire pit and carton circle state at Isis Crest.

Each one that is - collect the Texans.


Fountain - we all know Texas is immense for producing resolute individualists.

The Texas troop, it seems, bewilder single-mindedness on napping in Las Vegas and coming out to the Feast presently during the day (due to Las Vegas immense night life?).

I tried to boom them they are really leaving to miss out on everything magical, but then once more...

... is nearby everyone out nearby who has been effective to lean a Texan of what on earth, bearing in mind they had set their anxiety to everything different?