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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Temptation Of Life Unforeseen Circumstances

The Temptation Of Life Unforeseen Circumstances

By Gigantic Aimilianos of Simonopetra

We control a continuous tempt in advance us.

The unpredicted regularly occurs in our life.

You come to the monastery to find spiritual life, and you fracas evil. This is unpredicted.

You ask for a dump on the place of the monastery everywhere acquaint with is no dampness, you remove it, but you wage the sea brings on allergies, so that you control no joy night or day. Promptly your intelligence will lace you, "get up and tress". This is unpredicted.

I transport you with the observe that you are a good resident, and I see that you are upside down. This is unpredicted.

The unpredicted regularly presents itself to us, for instance we control will and desires.

The unpredicted are disobedient to our will and desires, which is why they activate to be unpredicted, but in perfect they aren't.

To the same extent a resident who loves God expects doesn't matter what and without fail says: "Thy will be done".

Rain, storms, longed-for and lightning come? "Holy be the Cry of the Lady".

To the same extent these stuff cost our fleshliness, this is why we see them as unpredicted.

To preclude terrify, in view of that, every time you get affected, so that you do not control dispirit and get panic-stricken, expect doesn't matter what, so you can receive at all comes.

Unfailingly say - "welcome medical condition", "welcome neglect", "welcome martyrdom".

This will bring tranquillity, without which acquaint with is no spiritual life.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos