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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Create A Ritual

Create A Ritual Image
Elements of Goddess as a garden fertility figure have survived throughout time to this day. Take for example, in Peru, the modern day Qhechua who live near Cuzco remember the Inca Earth Mother, Pachamama. She is said to reside deep inside ot the Earth where She continues to preside over the agriculture as well as being a companion and special diety for the women. Other tribes of the area hold the belief that she is two Goddesses--the Earth Mother and the Garden Mother.

Learn about the herbs and plants which are considered sacred to the cultural or spiritual tradition which interests you the most. They may be healing herbs, magical plants, sacred trees, or shrubs and plants that sustained the lives of the people. For example, in the Celtic world, these plants would have included barley, oats, wheat, hazelnuts, berries, and crab apples. These are the plants that 'give life' and are considered sacred. As such, they can serve as powerful ritual elements. Read about the history or culture of the society you have chosen and see what plants were eaten, utilized, and revered. Explore their varied practical and medicinal applications as well as their uses in magical rites. Create a ceremony, and try to incorporate your observation of the phases of the moon in your ritual.

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