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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Updated Personal Temples Alpha Omega Isis Hathor Mother Temple Photos

Updated Personal Temples Alpha Omega Isis Hathor Mother Temple Photos
Brilliant NEW See - 2013!fromISIS-HATHOR Father TEMPLEHERMETIC Array OF THE Fair-haired DAWNROSICRUCIAN Array OF ALPHA OMEGAIsis-Hathor Father Place of worship - Balcony of the Jump of the Adepti

located atSHADOW Oceans Sanctuary


May you find fire from our separation Isis-Hathor Father Place of worship with you!

A translucent "thank you" to all of you Fair-haired First light Adepts, Initiates, Self-Initiates, and Lone Practitioners who imprison united YOUR Secret Altars and Temples with all of us arrived on the Fair-haired First light Blog!

If you would be keen on to allocation photos of YOUR Secret Altar or Place of worship allocation photos as well, or restore add it to the the map, delight entrance us arrived.

The latest

Frater LUA commented:"Frequent pillars are breeze taking! Worry to allocation how you guys prepared them? I imprison never seen ones so big and professional looking!"

Why, thank you! I would be triumphant to allocation. The Alpha Omega is a lot self-important of Isis-Hathor's Pillars.

Isis-Hathor Father Place of worship (nicknamed "Camelot" by Alpha Omega's Moot of the Adepti) is an 838 town square basis, free-standing Fair-haired First light temple. She has a 12 basis high utmost, so she has satisfactory of room for ceremonial pillars. Isis-Hathor's pillars are 1 basis in diameter by 8 feet high plus the capitals.

Column Build

The Beginning: Isis-Hathor Place of worship ConstructionLeft: Pastos of the Jump of the AdeptiRight: Leslie Griffin (VH Soror DIA) Studio Isis-Hathor's Pillars

We took four, 4 basis by 12 inch enduring forms, glued an 18 inch cardboard article 9 inches concerning the lesser article to run off the line of stitching on top stabliity, so glued the two sections together as ready higher.

We so took Moina Mathers' quirky pillar drawings from Alpha Omega history. GH Frater Sincerus Renatus, who is a lot a adept engineer, retouched Moina's drawings, so satisfied them to scaleable Photoshop files. We cutting edge in sync the files to the genuine large size to fit Isis-Hathor's pillars, so stamped Moina's quirky drawings out at a professional shop on car-wrap possessions, so economically workable the decals.

The achieve is a set of MOINA MATHERS' Ultimate ALPHA OMEGA PILLARS in a scientifically modern impression that Moina herself would imprison been a lot self-important of!

By the way, the Jump of the Adepti turned out even on top stunning!

Afterward love from Isis-Hathor,

Leslie and David Griffin

(VH Sor DIA and GH Fra LeS)

Report Represent to look into our Outer surface Array, apprentice level Charming training trade show, the Solid Array of the Fair-haired Dawn!"Arbitrate Characteristic.

Alpha OmegaBecause we make Magicians!

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