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Friday, 28 November 2014

First Of February

First Of February
In the little blue house, the first of February has always been a special day, a marker of sorts, and this year is no exception. The present blithe state of mind arises (for starters) from the happy thought that this is the eve of Imbolc (or Candlemas in Christian parlance). This day hallowed by the ancients is consecrated to Light and to Brigit of Kildare, Christian saint, Celtic patroness of fire, poetry and the fine old craft of smithy, protrectress of healers, poets, blacksmiths and forges.

The Light returns, days are growing longer, and Spring is already on its way. At other times and in other more temperate places, this is the first day of Spring, and anything written about Brigit and her special day usually mentions that fact, but it will be a very long time until the greening season manifests here in the north. In the meantime, I cherish the sure knowledge that somewhere out in my forest in Lanark, the great horned owls are already beginning to build their nests, and that preparations are underway for the maple syrup season (which is not far off). Here then are my own northern harbingers of the Spring which is to come.

Imbolc blessings to all, and much joy on your journey....