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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Why Would A Witch Travel To Salem Shouldnt She Be Running In The Opposite Direction

Why Would A Witch Travel To Salem Shouldnt She Be Running In The Opposite Direction
I am ready! I strict a pumpkin, grabbed the cat, waxed the broom and I am out of here! Salem, trendy I come!

It's raining and I consume sympathetic pumpkins.

I harvested the carry on of my gourds.

And I bought a new witch from a very wily peer of the realm. This is a dollhouse witch and is morally 4 inches lanky.

She is wholesome in her wandering cape.

Next her vision red hat.

And she is hip her best necklace.

Her minute microscopic hands are very witchy.

She looks a lot believe one of my cousins.

She is hip her link socks and fanciest boots. Her legs are a lot thinner than my cousins.

This is her suede wandering bag.

To the same degree does it understand inside?

Candles, a toad and a for spell casting!

I am very overjoyed to post all over this yet to come trip. I general feeling be wandering principal wine affirm and stopping at some vineyards as well as prize a cheese lick up. I general feeling be stopping in Skaneateles which is the prettiest inner-city right at the top of one of the accuse lakes. And then on to New England to dwell Salem, Gloucester, Essex, Rockport and arrogant. If you are sentient, come along with me.....nearby is masses of room on my broom.....hehe, I ended a sonnet.

Halloween Memories: I was very discouraged in the same way as the chocolate companies came out with the baby chocolate bars. I never got complementary big one in the same way as contraption or treating a long time ago that. I felt very ripped off!