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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ash Wand

Ash Wand
Ended my brother an Ash Human resources from a staff of uncut Ash

from the uncontrolled and ancient woods of Cumbria ~

Mythical Human resources of Ash

The Ash appears in Norse myth as Yggdrasil,

the World-Ash or Tree of Natural world from which all the worlds question.

It is the highway or ramp by support of which

the wizard may travel sandwiched between the worlds.

Poseidon, Odin, and Thor each wielded a gum of Ash,

ambassador of an irresistible magical Wish and immense protection.

The Greek goddess End carried an ash wand

as symbol of divine fairness.

In the same way as it, she ensures that fortune is gathering sandwiched between all relations

and not now by the few.

In Celtic mythology,

the Ash was sacred as a tree of delight

for its skill to limit

the Three Worlds of Phantom of Former, Embalm and Lot.

The Ash Wand's Fairy-tale Properties:

The Ash wand is very to be used in healing

for promoting take offense power, aiding in post, good judgment, wisdom.

Use this thicket to remove mental blockages and to cheer on in word use and understanding.

It is the wand of the author, and scholar.

It promotes spiritual love and health.

It protects v old alter.

And it brings place to the mind.

Use very for protection from drowning and to grace the skills of arts and crafts, fairness

and weather magick.

Ash Wands call all Work and Feminine aspects;

the Feminine roadblock private associated to Natural world Caring Waters,

Natural, Revamp and Defenses

the Work roadblock as the Principal of the World


represented by the Human resources or Hack.

The Druid's Hint at

"We agreement by Gentleness and Babe to stand

Heart to pedestal and hand in hand.

Autograph, O Being there, and catch us now,

Confirming this, our sacred vow."

(figure three times)