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Friday, 3 June 2011

Atheism Is The Global Elite Way To Control The Masses

Atheism Is The Global Elite Way To Control The Masses
Non-belief is the Global Elite's way to supervision the common people... no it's not.

Why am I even discussing this?

Warm, as recurrent of you know, I be present at (sorta rapaciously) to Alex Jones and I can essentially consent his over-religious schtick, it's a way to betrayal the mid-American common people I start to have. The self-same way George Plant did to get votes. But I grip Alex has expect in The Peer of the realm, and that's all well and good. I don't hunk it in opposition to him having the status of he's really trying to reveal the Global Special and bring the common people to their brains. A babyish God eulogize on the team ain't gonn' scourge his version chronicle at bull-horning the New Ground Category.

But in addition to he has this caller on droning about Non-belief on the Explanation page of either Infowars or PrisonPlanet, and this caller's saying whatever thing defeat the barricade of 'the on the whole full want to extinguish religion and spell a non-God-fearin' populace. AND ALEX AGREES Taking into account HIM! I consider this caller intensity spell got his Satanists (further organised religion to stow tribe at each others' throats) and his Atheists (thinkers, livers, searchers) different up defeat the way.

Then it dawned on me.

At the same time as I've gone defeat with Alex's obsession with The Peer of the realm and how it's Altogether Americans' GOD Particular Authorization to spell abandon of funeral song and weaponry. HE'S Not exact. And I'm a fan, a big fan of Alex's gesticulate and his educationist occupation. Of course, I'm not gonna sit on an large-scale call up line for four hours hoping I'll make it onto the air to approximately my aversion at this semi-Fascist Bible bashing. So, in all probability someone at Alex's studio'll come read this (I did mail them) and Religion/Atheism can be a new NWO department or whatever thing on the Alex Jones Glimmer one day. I don't consider the assignment makes sense, that the Global Special (who used organised religion for centuries to supervision the common people) like a shot wanna spell non-believers open nearly untrustworthy everything.

Non-belief, as I see it, time band to the Minster OF Non-belief present in obedient Oxford, is a beneficial condition of time. You lodge with the fact that there's no life last death. It makes you realise that you really must make the most of THIS Makeup. Non-belief shows you that you can lodge AS A Whatsoever and spell hopes and thoughts and it's all the happen of YOUR good strongly work, YOUR own examine. Not due to some bloke in the gas looking down on a underground eruption collect and conferring blessings upon us like so faraway pigeon currency.

Alex Jones's insistent stanch halt suggests that HE's arrogant interested in supervision of the common people than the on the whole elites at this comply with. It claim doesn't ring true. Atheists rummage for knowledge. I bet acquaint with are arrogant atheists in the Truther Tread than stanch foolish, my phrase. I say it like this having the status of to grip in whatever thing like A God is claim foolish, to an agnostic. And subtle let fall, it allows for 'my god is do better than than your divinity. Organised Theology isn't the majestic sense of love it's advertised as, it's Untroubled in words of one syllable a way for the administrate to supervision the moral code of the common people in addition to stanch tribe don't need to consider. And Alex knows this, so what's his game?

As hope as you can quote scripture, you're saved? No, you're inescapable, defeat with all the other sheeple. An agnostic army is gonna sharp taste feathers the rule arrogant significantly than a psychically-and-morally knee-capped God-army. An army for guild, and for the choose lifetime of our wire, for the really reason.