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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Faith The Last Witch

Faith The Last Witch
Anticipate SCOTT, THE Move WITCH

Anticipate is the "Move Witch" of the most modern book from Elizabeth Kolodziej's "The Move Witch" Demo. The top figure behind schedule book Witch Devotions (the 3rd) is out now.

I handhold read the highest book and I enjoyed it. I any handhold the moment, but handhold not read it all yet, the third one is fair-haired now out.

Anticipate is an full of news first name and I enjoyed study her accumulation going on for the highest book and the bits I handhold picked up in the followed by two. She is become quiet developing and tolerance of na"ive, but learning untouchable.

So what do we know about Faith? Capably she is new to her magic, but comes from a hunger line of powerful witches, so her power has the burgeoning to be wholly powerful. She does handhold a domestic spell book, a Measurements of Dusk in one of my games. But while top figure of the witches in Faith's line erudite while they are promising up, Anticipate didn't handhold that avail yourself of. She did learn later on from an activist.

According to the corral, Anticipate resembles an Globe Witch. So she is wholly skillful at making potions, charms, herb use and healing. She any has a rise of elemental based powers; power that help her swine abilities. It was this title of her that got me place that Anticipate would work well-built as a witch in one of my games (whereas my games handhold plenty of witches in them; no series witch' in sight!) She can use her magic to improve her splash or strength. Not wholly at the level of a vampire, but untouchable than a earthly material.

We know Anticipate can power energies, but I saw that untouchable of an energy have a preference than a spell. Such as she any has other swine powers I was place she may perhaps be a good fit for "WitchCraft" or even the "Buffy" RPGs.

Anticipate, dear a lot of other types of witches, can live a very hunger time, maybe even hundreds of time. This is any in line with top figure of my games.

So at home is Anticipate, The Move Witch in Ghosts of Albion/WitchCraft RPG stats.

Anticipate SCOTT (played by Isla Fisher in the game)

Motivation: To learn as drastically about her power/herself as she can

ATTRIBUTES: Hardness 2 (7 with magic), Gracefulness 3 (8 with magic), Piece of music 2 (7 with magic), Plan 5, Concept 6, Resolve 5

Spirit POINTS: 35 (75 with magic)

The theater POINTS: 15

Qualities maybe in the new book.